Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Language updates

Here's the list of new and updated languages since v0.7.1:

Thanks a bunch to all the translators for the effort.


diego said...

Hola! Muy buena la aplicacion! Con el idioma "Simplified Chinese" me tira error de que el Microsoft translage engine no funciona. Hay que instalar algo ademas de agregar el idioma? (estoy en windows 7 64bits ingles)

Saludos y gracias!

jasonpaulweber said...

I get the same error when trying to translate Chinese Simplified. Even though I copied the .lang file and put it in the proper folder, it still says that the Microsoft Translation Engine isn't functioning properly, or something like that. All the other pages work perfectly -- and they keep the code intact! Thank you very much for your efforts!