Saturday, June 4, 2011

Greek translation updated

Thanks to geogeo for updating Greek translation of Simple Resx Editor.
Download Greek Translation

To Install:
Unzip into Simple Resx Editor folder and replace.


david said...

This is a great application, and works great on my machine. However, when I give this to my translator it throws an exception on startup (FilenotfoundException).

My guess would be that because the translator does not have local admin rights, that the program is trying to create & use a file on startup somewhere where a standard user does not have access to. Could that be it?

Would it be possible to get a version of the app that is friendly to non-admin users?

david said...

Looks like the error comes from getWritableFilename and when it tries to read/write the settings file.

I guess this should be saving in an appdata folder (somewhere safe to save) or something like that.

If I have more time tomorrow I will update the code and submit it to you.

Matías said...

That usually happens when you try to run SRE from within the zip file, without extracting. Also, SRE needs write access on its own folder, tell him to move SRE's folder to %userprofile%\Desktop or anywhere inside %userprofile%.

If none of these applies, then I'll need more info.


david said...

Turns out it couldn't find .Net Framework 3.5 on the machine. Just seemed to be a strange error message (it was only when I ran the debugger against it that I found out that the "FileNotFoundException" referred to System.Core v3.5). I thought normally a .NET app could warn you if the framework wasn't present. But perhaps that's just when you package it as an MSI.