Sunday, May 15, 2011

Simple Resx Editor is now available!

Changelog (partial):
  • ADD: click on a column header to translate all missing values from another column
  • ADD: enable delete key to erase the values on selected cells
  • ADD: Portuguese translation
  • ADD: Hungarian translation
  • ADD: Lithuanian translation
  • CHANGE: translator form was too modal
  • CHANGE: flags are now embedded on the .exe
  • FIX: Does not work with .resx files as command line arguments

Download Simple Resx Editor


OCB said...

Hi Matias,

I am using your Simple Resx editor to translate a software. Now the software has been upgraded and I need to translate only the additional files in the software. Can your software handle identifying what is new to ease the work with translation?


Anonymous said...

If you have the old resx and the new one, just open 'em together in SRE and then use the button to find the differences.

Anonymous said...

can you add search option? it would be greate o be able to search a word and get results of the entries containing that word or phrase.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

There's a search option already, just press Ctrl + F

Great app BTW!

Anonymous said...

cool. thank you. I was looking for a link or a button.

Anonymous said...

the search option only searches one entry prev or next. would be nice to be able to search all entries with the same values. Have to use this for now i guess...

Anonymous said...

Press F3, it's the standard key to continue the search.