Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Simple Resx Editor is now available!

  • ADD: sort by key on save (settings/behavior); useful if your files are under a source control (SVN, Git, Mercurial, etc.) and you use a diff tool.
  • ADD: show key column on start (settings/behavior).
  • CHANGE: after using auto-translation from context menu: right click on any cell to accept changes or left click to go back to the previous value.

Here's a brief video showing how to use the auto-translation feature. You might want to see it fullscreen.

Download Simple Resx Editor


Dänu said...

Nice job mate!

Anonymous said...

Hello Matías! Your resx editor is really awesome but it's missing one critical (for us) feature - it cannot open files with extensions other than .resx We store resource files with a different file extension and it's a hassle to rename them back and forth... Could you please add "All files(*)" option in the open file dialog?

Matías said...


Anonymous said...

Feature request :D

my translators wants xls files..

could u implement and xls exporter/importer?

nice work
bye bye

Anonymous said...

Nice Job. I'm looking for a resxEditor that allows setting the FONT for string values. Yours is perfect except for that.